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    • We're moving the essentials

      Our Skin Essentials packs are being updated and relaunched very soon - which is good news in more ways than one! It means we've got stock of the existing Skin Essentials packs to Vitalise Normal skin to clear, at just $40. Be in quick for the great value of 3...

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    • $5 Purifying and Vitalising Cleansers

      We have a good little stock of unboxed, 50ml sizes of both our Vitalising Cleanser and Purifying Cleanser. Be naturally cleansed for just $5! These won't last long - they're exactly the same formulation as our standard Living Nature cleansers, just in the smaller sizes, and both with 2015 expiry dates. This...

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Welcome to the Living Nature Outlet - our online factory sale!

The Living Nature team is passionate about bringing you the best skin and body care products that nature has to offer – for our premium skincare and natural beauty products, nature makes it, we just bottle it! Some times we bottle a little too much and this Living Nature Outlet site is where we offer some great deals on short-dated or overrun stock so that nothing goes to waste. We also have other ranges we manufacture so there are some great products from these ranges available too. 


Check out Product Range Info to learn the features of each range then Shop the Outlet or browse by Brand or Category from our Living Nature Outlet homepage to see what's available... then get shopping! You can also visit our Facebook page for updates.

Stock will change regularly so keep an eye on the Living Nature Outlet site and our Blog for updates.  For any retailers potentially interested in some of this stock please email outlet@livingnature.com to get in touch with us.  NB Most items are only available in fairly small quantities and margins are slim.

Please check each product description for the reason why it is in the Living Nature Outlet.